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Noteikumi cirka apmeklētājiem

REMINDER to our audience!

  • In case of artist's disease or any other situations, the management can take out circus performance from the program or replace it with another.
  • FORBIDDEN! During the performance is forbidden to take photos and filming! (Filming and photography permitted only with specific agreement with the performance management).
  • FORBIDDEN! In Riga Circus indoors are strictly prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol drinks!
  • After third bell viewers in parter lets in only between circus performances with ticket controller permit.
  • Notice! At time when in manege are demonstrated animals,do not stand up from places, do not release the children from yourself and and never touch the animals by hand! It can be dangerous!
  • And more! At time when in manege are demonstrated animals viewers who sit in parter, please turn off all shiny circus souvenirs and do not play with colourful balloons!

Thank you for understanding .